January Goals Update

In January I set myself a bunch of goals for 2017 and I’ve made some progress… maybe I’m even one-twelfth of the way there?


Self Care Sundays:

If you’ve never heard of Self Care I’ve kept this up and it’s still bloody amazing. Each Sunday (it’s Sunday for me as that’s what suits my family but any day, half day, couple of hours you can get will work) I set a cut off for doing the house work and do a few things to set me up for the week – It might be that I work out (rarely lol), read a thought provoking book or have a good old body MOT. These were a 2016 revelation and I’m now well and truly converted.

Losing 2 stone:

Obviously, this is a year-long goal, and while I’ve made progress, it’s definitely not as fast as I’d have liked, but it’s moving, even if it’s slowly. I’m putting it down to my metabolism slowing down following 2 kids and hitting 30 but I’ll keep going. To lose 2 stone by the end of 2017, I’ll need to lose 2.3lb per month and looking at it like that really should make it seem less daunting but I’ve lost a measly 1lb in January so I’m still rather daunted. I usually know where i’m going wrong with Slimming World but I’ve actually no idea why my weight is yo-yo’ing this time round. I was planning to start the Couch to 5k in March, but maybe it needs to be February now.

Saving £2k

This one is a bit better as in January I managed to save £163.86  on account of my account skimming technique (this sounds mighty illegal, I know) where I log into my account twice or so in the week and skim odd pennies and pounds into our savings – I’ve noted below just how much and how often I skimmed over. I also sold a couple of bits on eBay and achieved an underspend on my groceries of £1.15 (don’t laugh!).

I changed supermarkets in January as Asda had gotten simply unbearably bad. My big shop before Christmas was missing 25% of the items and even more had to be substituted, my next shop had two items already out of date and then the final straw, my milk was substituted for a chocolate milkshake! So, I’ve moved to Tesco, which means that until they bring a click and collect option to my local store, I’m going to be out for the price of a delivery and Tesco is already a bit more expensive than Asda, so I’ll have to be a bit smarter to keep within budget, but I’m excited at the prospect of a quality bump. Sad the thing that get me excited these days!

So January has been only a minor bummer for my goal, specifically weight loss, but it’s hard to be annoyed when I’m definitely feeling better than in December so I’ll tweak some things, continue my savings and carry on regardless.




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