Meal Plan 31st October 2016


I have been eating quite poorly of late. Well, I haven’t been eating poorly as such, the food I have been eating has been utterly delicious, but it has not been the best for my body. October was not a good month for my body. I went away on holiday, albeit for only three days, but while I thought I was going to spend the whole time sitting by the pool, swimming and reflecting, it turned out that I had thoroughly underestimated my granny’s stamina and as such we were shopping, sightseeing and mostly, sampling a lot (ie all) of the local food a drink.

This wonderful trip and the bad food decisions afterwards have bumped my weight up to my January 2016 figure so my meal plans henceforth will include plenty of low syn options in line with Slimming World and come the stroke of bedtime tonight – all the Haloween sweeties I bought in for trick or treaters is being turfed into a bag and shipping off to sit in hubbys drawer at work.

So, if you see any meals above that you’d like a low syn recipe for, give me a shout and I’ll get back to you. Leave me a comment or shoot me an email at


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