Things I try not to spend money on…

Our family are currently super addicted to Pokemon Go and while it involves a bit of screen time, more often than not, we end up heading out and about when we would have otherwise just stayed in the house. However, while the app is free and you don’t need to pay to play, as with so may of these free games, there are lots of purchases you can make to ‘enhance’ your experience, and this got me thinking about those things you draw the line at paying for…

  • In app” purchases – I should say that I never struggled with this one until Pokemon Go. The thought of paying out hard earned money for a something digital that you didn’t get to keep, that would bring you only momentary joy seems like an easy one to walk away from. However, I really want a few more items to ‘enhance’ the game. I’ve stayed strong to date but mostly because the inevitable shame.
  • One off Digital Movies/Music – One of the unexpected benefits of being too busy with kids is that you miss most cinema and album releases. This means that the money you pay for Netflix can really work for you as most movies are ‘new’ movies to you. We have generally found that if we are desperate to see a movie, chances are we were desperate enough to catch it at the cinema.
  • Extended Warranties – Typically these policies are sold using scare mongering tactics and are always massively overpriced. In many cases, warranty costs totalled up to much more than the cost it would be to replace the item – this was the case when I decided to upgrade to my iPhone. The charming Carphone Warehouse sales person tried to terrify me with a scenario involving the courier dropping my phone on my path (i.e. Where my home insurance wouldn’t have kicked in he assumed). Remember you have pretty stellar rights when you buy in a UK store – see MSE for specifics.
  • Lottery I’m a positive and hopeful person, but my inability to have won so much as a paltry pound on the lottery to date is hard to argue with. I find this one easy to hold off buying.
  • eBooks – Much like the movies mentioned above, if you’re not fussy about how new or popular your reading material is, there are so many free eBooks out there. Go here for the Amazon list of the top 100 free books.
  • Flowers – I didn’t realise this was one for me until I lifted a beautiful bunch in Asda one Sunday and told myself off and put them back. While I love flowers, I think it’s their temporary nature that makes buying them feel careless. I settled for a picture of the bunch in question – see here.

I’m sure as I continue to shop, i’ll come across a bunch more – especially when I begin to think about the products for which I refuse to pay for the brand leader, ahem, dried pasta – i’m looking at you!


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