Budget Beauty Month


Those who follow me on Facebook will be aware of my recent conflict/breakdown while in Boots a few weeks back, while I stood in the queue, ready to buy a basket full of beauty crap I objectively did not need…

I think my relationship with lotions and potions is pretty typical. Firstly, I tend to get self-conscious about something, followed by browsing for a magic product that will ‘fix’ the issue. I’ll try it only to discover that the advertisements wildly overstated the results and said “product” will just sit on my bathroom shelf and serve no purpose except to draw my evil glares for being such an almighty letdown.

I could get into how the flaws we get paranoid about are nothing of the sort, and how the beauty industry gives us issues to worry about with one hand, and the cure with the other, but I won’t. Well, actually, remembering that ads for Dove deodorant try it make me paranoid about having under-moisturised armpits has got me pretty riled up so I can’t not mention this.

So, back to my Boots meltdown… for 90% of the items in my basket, I had a half bottle sitting at home, unused. The key items were; shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, shaving foam, nude nail varnish and handwash.

So I set myself a challenge to use up everything and to start fresh with some bargain products and dedicate May to giving them a fair go. My goal is to discover some wildly cheap alternatives to my posh faves so I can step down a brand (or) two across some key essentials.

I mean, I do this with food products all the time, so why not toiletries.

I have been pointed towards a Poundland hair mask so far, but if you have any hidden wonders in mind before I kick off my Thrifty Toiletries Challenge on May 1st, let me know!



One thought on “Budget Beauty Month

  1. You got this!! Have you tried Lidl? I get my shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and moisturiser in there. I also get stuff in Boots for my eczema but it’s only £3 for a huge bottle. Shaving foam – I just use conditioner or shower gel 🙂
    Home Bargains do great stuff too! Are you going to share that you’re doing this over on Insta? I’ll keep an eye out 🙂

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