September Savings

So as you may know from reading my previous posts, come pay day, I sit down with a coffee and sweep all my savings from the month before into our Home ISA and in September I managed to save £99.88 towards our new home deposit. See here for an extended post on how I budget.

I’m quite pleased with this and I know rightly we’re about to go into a tough quarter spend-wise so I’m happy to be able to put some pennies away. So, broken down, the pennies built up as followed.

Sold old Accessorize BackPack on eBay: £37.55

Sold Marc Jacobs Charity Shop Dress: £23.15

Under budget on Food: £35.07

Sweeping:* £4.11

Total: £99.88

Sweeping is the process of skimming the odd balance values off the total in your bank account into your savings – so if you had £137.60, you’d sweep the 60p or if you were brave, £7.60

I think I might work out a way to track savings as a total throughout the month as I’m kicking myself for not having hit the golden £100 saved.

In October I plan to hit the £100 mark! If I find some other stuff to sell on eBay and Facebook selling pages and come even further under budget with the food, I reckon this is possible. I plan to dip into this eat Delicious cookbook to make some super bargain evening meals. (<- You can eat for £2.75 a day using their meal plans). I also plan to Sweep consistently. Fingers crossed!



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