What is a Self Care Sunday?


Who amongst us doesn’t find themselves staring into space while boiling the kettle for the days 15th coffee and thinking… I’d love to just disappear off for a bit of quiet time and treat myself. Typically I go further down the line with this train of thought and I think ‘wouldn’t a day at Galgorm be utter bliss?’ It’s normally on a Saturday afternoon that I feel so frazzled. I’ve had a week of chasing my tail but I feel like I’ve worked so hard to make sure my week is straightforward. Every Sunday, this is my mantra…

sundayMy Sunday’s are usually pretty good – I get more time to prepare for my week than most other mothers as on a Sunday morning the boys get packed up by daddy and they go over to visit granny and granda for at least three hours. In that time normally run about like mad doing chores and cooking for the week. I make a soup for hubby to have for lunch at least three days in the week, I meal plan, I batch cook, I portion and freeze meat etc that I’ve bought in the weekly shop and I cook up some sides for the kids dinners throughout the week.

I normally run about like mad and then dash into the shower 10mins before the kids land home and afterwards get right into setting the family up with some lunch. Now, given that I use those hours to do so much, it’s never a surprise to me when I try to doing something for myself come Monday, like swim on my lunch hour, to realise that I have yeti legs. So, after having done some reading about ‘Self Care Sundays’ I thought – this could work for me.

So I wanted to get the maximum return for a minimum time spend whilst also not just pass all those Sunday tasks onto my future self. So I thought about what I could compromise on and I reckon that if I did some of my Sunday tasks on Saturday – like cleaning out the fridge, meal planning and portioning things for the freezer – I could free up 90 minutes on Sunday mornings for myself. I could also resign to have the same dinner two days in a row and free up some cooking time on Sunday and also during the week.

Now, when I sat down to think about what I’d like to cram into those 90 minutes, I reached “how-would-you-spend-your-Euromillions?” level of day dreaming… I came to the conclusion that I want to disconnect from social media, read a little, give myself a facial and do a YouTube workout.

Aiming to do this every weekend in November and see if I can go into December feeling more composed. I already feel more at ease for next week.



2 thoughts on “What is a Self Care Sunday?

  1. Great idea!!! Wonder if I can convince my hubby to let me have this time however maybe not today after he’s had a week looking after what we previously knew as our children now referred to as maniacs going forward!! On their half term….

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