Self Care Sunday – Week Three



Finally a successful week on my Self Care Sunday routine. The odds were not stacked in my favour seeing as little had given us such a rough night on Saturday. We decided to try him in his toddler bed with a view to potty training him early in the new year but man oh man was it a disaster. Our usually fab little sleeper, tossed and turned and then come 11pm, cried in 30 second intervals until 4am… needless to say, we rebuilt the cot and we’ll face that monster between Christmas and NY perhaps…

I learned from my failings in week one and had dishes etc done before the kids left so I could get stuck in asap. I made a big batch of sweet potato, lentil and bacon soup for lunches through the week but to free myself up for other things, I just bashed it in the slow cooker and congratulated myself. ( Recipe here ) I went on to cook up two lasagnes and popped them into the fridge and felt my blood pressure already starting to drop knowing the first half of the week was sorted.

Come the time for my self care routine, I was in a pretty good place and was very ready for it. I popped the kettle on and made myself an epic coffee and sat down with a magazine to paint my nails. And I mean, paint my nails… cuticles, base coat, colour and top coat… fingers and toes! This is definitely going to be part of my Sunday routine as I felt pretty unstoppable afterwards.

Jumped in the shower and on top of my usual in-shower routine, I broke out a pot of Soap & Glory Flake Away Scrub and went to town on all those annoying patches that have been niggeling at me for weeks now. I reckon that I lost about 2lbs through this process alone. This also had the added benefit of forcing me to give my conditioner an extra 4-5minutes to work and my hair thanked me.

Thanks to the weather change, my lizard-face most definitely needed a facial so I got to work with my all time favouite product – Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. I got this gift set for my birthday and after only a couple of uses, I see why it’s achieved cult status. My face feels amazing after I use it. When it comes time to replace, I think I’ll definitely rebuy the cleanser but I’ll seek out cheaper alternatives for the moisturiser and toner. I also tried out a facial brush in hope of breathing a little extra life into my skin and picked this one up for £1 at Primark – what a find!

Come 12:30 on Sunday afternoon, I had some lunches and dinners sorted, the house was in a semi-decent state, and I’d managed to treat myself to a little self care time. It felt pretty good I have to say, and I intend to keep this up. Next week is my final week of November Sunday Self Care challenge and I’m going to try and do something a little more cerebral, such as a read a few articles or watch a documentary/Ted Talk and see which of the weeks gives me more of a boost.


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