Self Care Sunday – Week One

Wow. So my first Self Care Sunday is over and I’m pretty sure I did it wrong. There was a slight change of plan on Sunday morning whereby hubby was not able to visit his parents (tummy bug) and so we agreed that he would still take the boys out for the 90minutes I needed for this experiment and that I could do other chores on Monday as I was on annual leave for his birthday. This was initially such a relief as I thought, I can’t fall at the first hurdle with this plan – that would be embarrassing! So, I got the kids up, dressed and fed ready for a walk to the play park and then booted all three of them out the door, ready for a session of pure indulgence…. and that’s where it all went wrong.

It turns out that it’s exceptionally hard to switch your brain off from running around after the kids and organising their clothes, food etc. I found it so hard to slow down and remember my goals… which were to “disconnect from social media, read a little, give myself a facial and do a YouTube workout.”  I managed a shameful one of my four goals.

My issues kicked in right as I slammed the front door on the kids and turned around to see the bomb site they’d left behind. My self-sabotage started small… I thought “Oh, i’ll just run these dishes through quickly…” then it was “If I put a wash on now, it’ll be done by the time they’re home and really that’s a win because work is being done while I’ll actually be relaxing” (I was particularly proud of this rationalisation.) by the time I’d got upstairs, the first 30mins was gone.

When I did get upstairs, I got to work on my facial. This was utter bliss because the weather has changed and without intervention, my skin type changes from ‘combination’ to ‘crocodile’. To keep it frugal I made sure not to buy any new products and just got all my skin care bottles together and I had more than enough for a full facial.

The next stage of my plan was to hop in the shower and then lounge in my towel reading for a bit before I slowly got ready…. two issues with that, firstly, I hadn’t thought ahead and boosted the hot water so the shower was ice cold. I powered it on for a bit and sat on my phone mindlessly while the water heated up.

It was only at the end of this, did I click that not only had I set ‘disconnect from social media’ as a target, but I had also forgotten to schedule a YouTube workout and even if I’d had time to do one before my shower, it would have undone my lovely facial.

I failed pretty hard at this. I should have known there was a flop on my horizon as you know what they say “Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail”  So what will I do better next Sunday…

  • Make a proper list of what needs done before the kids leave so nothing spills over into my time.

  • Do breakfast dishes as I go along.

  • Have a running order in mind… i.e. , workout, facial, (shower) followed by reading.

Must do better.


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