November Goals

I had one very scary teacher who once told me that I only perform at my peak when I am under intense pressure to do so… I never quite knew if it was 100% a criticism back then but now that I’m grown up (ahem) I can hear the frustration in his voice as he’s thinking – why does she make life so damned hard for herself by letting it get this bad before she does something about it.

Well, I’m older (double ahem) and wiser (is three ahems too much?) and I definitely endeavour to not leave things to the last minute anymore. That being said, I do like the push of a short term goal and what months include more inherent short term goals than November and December? There’s the rush to soft presents, the rush to lose a few lbs for getting into your party dress and the rush to get it all done in time for you to actually relax a bit once Christmas hits. Added to my November goals are hubby and sisters birthdays – and despite my nagging, they insist on celebrating every flipping year!

So with this in mind, I’m going to embrace my Inner-Flustress and allow my looming deadline to encourage my best work of the year… so in November my goals are:

  1. Save £100

  2. Complete Christmas shopping for kids and our parents.

  3. Every Sunday I will dedicate 90 mins to a Self Care Sunday – ( I’m still processing what these would actually be for me)

  4. Lose 4 lbs


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