Great British Bake Off – Not Just a Guilty Pleasure

I’m not even going to sugar coat it, I frickin’ LOVE The Great British Bake Off! And not only do I love it, I can’t even empathise with people who don’t like it… What’s not to love? It’s adorable without being too twee, it’s competitive without being a blood bath and you know, the BAKES!

I have to admit that it’s not just a show in out house. It’s become more than that in the last 4 seasons we’ve watched together.

Hubby and I don’t really watch much TV and we certainly have no standing dates for shows other than GBBO (and Sherlock obviously!) so this kinda feels like a date in our house… We even plan out weeks around it! So if I’ve turned you down for suggesting a Wednesday, this is why. We are sure to sit down at 8pm with a treat that matches the challenge week on the show… this week was cupcakes!

We are a food family and we love to bake and you can see the evidence on F’s face here after eating the chocolate that’s meant to be included in my cookies! Now that GBBO has started, we will, without a doubt be back in the kitchen together baking this weekend…

Also, given the August kick off for the series it means I begin to get excited about autumn and start to unconsciously countdown to our annual Macmillan Coffee Morning, hubby’s birthday, wedding anniversary and more importantly, Christmas. So I guess GBBO is just a sign that I get to start being excited about the second half of the year!!


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