We Are Vertigo – A’s 4th Birthday Celebrations

We are a birthday family. We do Christmas on the cheap to try and push a focus on the day being about the wider family … but more about our Christmas fugality in a later post… On birthdays, we spend!

We save for a little splurge on the kids birthdays and while they will let us, we like to spend on activities rather than large gifts as such. At 2 and 4, they let us away with this – this year’s gifts for A were his new Group 2/3 car seat (£40), new toothpaste (£1) and a Nerf gun I found on sale in Tesco (£4.50!).

As his main present, we arranged for A & F, plus their two wee buddies of the same age to go to We Are Vertigo trampoline park with a blast in the ‘Adventure Area’ afterwards and it did not disappoint.

The venue, Europe’s largest trampoline park, offers “Toddler Only” sessions every Saturday 9.30am – 10.00am and Sunday 11.30am to 12pm. These sessions are for kids aged between 2 and 5 years of age and it suited us perfectly as F is high energy and would definitely get into bother with larger kids bouncing around.

The pricing was initially a shock – £11 for an hour “on peak” (ie Friday, Saturday and Sundays) however the “Toddler Session” was only £4 for the kids + £4 for an accompanying adult for each child (though, the marshalls and staff did not seem to monitor this or really care on the day so I reckon we could have saved £4 as two adults were enough supervision for our three bouncers – I plan to ask more Qs around this before our next visit). All bouncers must purchase (or wear) their We Are Vertigo socks – at another £2 per bouncer, however you can keep these so it saves on a return visit. However, our biggest savings came when we called the venue to ask about discounts and they directed us towards their app – which got us some serious money off – the breakdown was as follows;

Trampoline Session x 6 = £24

Bounce Socks x 6 = £12

Adventure Centre x 4 = £20

Total =£56 -20% discount =£44.80

I felt a bit cheated that the toddler session was only 30 minutes, but I needn’t have – it was more than enough and in the end, our sweaty brood rolled off the trampolines willingly and wrecked!

We paid a £5 add on for the kids to visit the Adventure Centre in the warehouse next door, but we didn’t expect too much from it – we thought it would be a soft play area where the kids could run about for a bit and we could catch up with a coffee. However, the Adventure Centre is superb – there are climbing walls, a huge play area with slides, indoor climbing, and harnessed sky walking. It was well worth the £5 add on and really made a full morning of it.

While I feel like we got our money’s worth, I think you could extend the day out by having lunch there but there is a strict no picnic-policy so you have no options to save anything on food and would have to order from their cafe and it was expensive and uninspiring.

I would absolutely return to We Are Vertigo and am planning to arrange a visit at the start of September (after pay day) to mark A’s milestone of starting at nursery school. It’s fab to have something so fun and unique effectively on our doorstep! More like this for Northern Ireland please!! 🙂



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