Giant’s Causeway

If anyone is subjected to as much Cebeebies as we are in this house, you’ll no doubt be aware of the show: “Go Jetters”. I’m sure if you were to google “American disco unicorn” it would appear in your results – not that much of the content on Cebeebies isn’t equally surreal most days anyways… however, the premise of the show surrounds a group of mini superheroes who travel the world visiting and saving landmarks from evil “Glitch”…


Well, imagine the surprise and delight in our house when an episode was based around the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland! They boys were obsessed, so we resolved to pack up the car on Sunday and drive to the Giant’s Causeway for what would be the boys first visit there.

Since my last visit, the massive and super impressive visitors centre has been developed and it is a far cry from the dilapidated building that we all huddled outside in our school uniforms back in the day.

We decided on the way up that we were going to give the visitors centre a miss as the kids were too wee to actually get anything out of it, and it would shoot the price of our morning adventures sky high (FYI current prices are £9 per adult and £4.50 per child – it wasn’t clear at what age a child had to pay, so really could be any age…) Also note, you cannot park at the visitors centre unless paying admission to the exhibit so instead, we parked at the Giant’s Causeway and Bushmills Railway exhibit – it cost £6 to park there, which was quite steep, but our only alternative would have been to park in a nearby town and sort buses but that wasn’t an option thanks to F needing his nap on the way home.

The National Trust do not make it clear at all that it is possible to visit the causeway for FREE! So, thanks to a few pointers, we found our way on.. as a tip – here is where you need to walk through a fence and almost over the buildings roof to descend the steps to the top of the infamous hill…

Thankfully it was dry, but it was super windy so walking down that hill with 2 year old F on our shoulders actually felt pretty risky, but it was worth it for the views. It’s funny how we forget these things…


Bus ride back up the hill due to exhausted little people was £1 per adult and 50p per child.

So all in all,

Fuel: £11, Parking: £6, Bus Fare £3, Snacks: Free fruit from home

= Total: £20.


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